General about Collies.


Besides the rough collie, there is also a short-haired variety. The shorthaired variety is not as common as the long-haired (rough collie). The woolly exist as an American and English type. The American is bigger than the English. The English type is also referred as the modern type and has a more finely expressed. Collie comes in 3 colors. A sable/white, tricolor and blue merle. All collies with white markings.

Collie is generally an intelligent and gentle dog that serves its owner with pleasure. In the ethological instinctive motivation concepts, one finds species typical characteristics of care, sociality, obedience, and no dominance. Of sovereign  manifestations of life will find particular trust and collie is emotionally easily influenced, which requires quiet harmonious surroundings. Behavior pattern expects full membership of the pack (family) with respectful leadership. Thus adapts collie rapidly into the flock (family). Collie likes to stay close to family and should not be isolated from the flock. Collie has clear herding instincts. Those characteristics are species-typical, but can obviously be affected in positive or negative degree. When the collie is teachable and willing, it requires no depth ethological knowledge to achieve good results in a harmonious adjusted family pet. Obviously there will be great advantages of knowing the dog's signals and act in accordance with good leadership. Collie will not work in noisy discordant surroundings. Collie has no species-typical watchdog properties as a starting point.

Collie is not demanding and soignrering handled easily. Brush coat regularly so that old loose hair removal. Be aware of the tangled knots in particular (behind the ears), so possibly. gridlock will be removed as early as possible. Be careful because it can hurt dogs. Cut the hair under the paws and cut nails as needed. Be aware of the blood vessels. Since collie usually has bright nails, it's easy to see blood vessels and cut up to 1-2 millimeters away at a safe distance. If an accident occurs, you should have something to stop the bleeding, which can be bought in most shops.

Collie is not particularly demanding exercise as such. Border Collie. Collie will love exercise ring. Collie dogs have shown good results in Agility and Obedience. If you desire such. agility at the elite level, consider a border collie. Border collie is very demanding exercise. The short-haired collie has a larger exercise needs than the long-haired.

A puppy is not born cleanliness, but the collie learns pretty quickly with a little effort. The starting point is that dogs do not want to attend where they live. A puppy can not completely control bladders and musk and small incidents must be accepted at the beginning of the dog's life. Experience shows that collie learns quickly, unlike other breeds that require more time.

Before you buy dog, one should carefully examine the individual breeds instinctive motivations and consider whether the characteristics correspond to one's expectations and family patterns. A collie will be an excellent family dog in the right environment and adapt quickly the family as a full member.