Before you buy puppy.

Before you buy a little puppy you must make a number of considerations. What breed best fits your lifestyle, environment, expectations, the breed needs, obligations and requirements of the dog. If, for example. a temperamental person, collie would not be suitable for such environments. In such cases, one should seek out more robust and independent breeds with the challenges it poses.

Collie behavior can vary from dog to dog, but there are many common traits of the breed that appears in greater or lesser degree. The following outlines several characteristics of the breed.

Intelligence: Collie is a very intelligent dog and is high on the top 10 list of the most intelligent dogs. The dog will quickly learn the owner's signals and carry them out after only a few instruction exercises. If you are not an experienced dog trainer may want to go to training where you will quickly discover that the dog is very easy to train compared to other breeds which are not represented in the Top 10 list. Some would even say that the collie is too easy to train. In Collie, there is no commands but given signals when the principle is based on cooperation. You should familiarize yourselv with the dog's way of communicating to get optimal use of the dog's characteristics.

Socialization: It has a great need for socialization in the early puppy stages to become functional. Let the puppy explore the most that life had to offer. This could be different types of people, animals, city, country, car, bus, train, stairs, slippery floors, a lift and what you might meet in life. Lack socialiering may cause shyness.

Activation Requirements: Enabling The need is not unusually high for the breed as you see in the Border Collie with a very high activation needs. Collie has a special ability to adapt to the family and its habits. Collie is very happy for activation. The need for connection to the family counts higher.

Links with familen: Collie is closely tied to the family and be a full member of the family. They therefore need to be with family, be a part of the family and not be left alone for too long. Slowly let the dog get used to be home alone gradually at a moderate pace. A collie has the best when family is together and will then usually lie somewhere close to the family completely relaxed. Thus also said that the dog not suited to live in, for example. a farm dog alone for longer. Such conditions can destroy the dog with mental disorders as a result. It relates not normally granted to individual members but the entire family group. They are often happy to strangers, but some may be a bit reserved.

Friendliness: Collie is by nature friendly and without nervousness or aggressiveness.

Herding and guard: It's good to look after (watch) a child where the exhibits will guard the properties and even their lives to defend the flock. Herding and guarding properties can be exploited in direct or indirect link because collie obviously have such properties.

Cooperation: The Collie is a work happy and cooperative dog with special ability for obedience, agility and other activities that require cooperation. Collie will however be difficult to measure up to the border collie, for instance. agility elite level. Usually it is the higher speed border collie show that makes the difference, but the border collie in turn requires a significantly higher activation levels. It is said that a border collie is not activated even begin to climb up and down the wall.

Independence: Collie exhibit no autonomy as such. drag and sled dogs with great autonomy. Cooperation is Collie preference.

Barking: Collie will usually bark if, for example. doorbell rings and other situations where the dog will exhibit some vigilance. It is not a salient feature "to bark", as we see in example. farm dogs and terrier breeds where barking is conceived as a positive attribute. Collie is not suitable as a genuine watchdog, which must show no fear. Sentry solitude expelled as signaller (to guard) into something to be taken heed of the domain.

Hunting Properties: Collie is highly unsuitable for hunting. Collie will usually run after a thrown stick, but not necessarily take the stick back to the owner, who typically conduct of retrieving hunting dogs.

Sound and signal sensitivity: Collie is particularly sound and signal sensitivity is therefore not suitable for very noisy environments. Scaly a collie out can be devastating. Other unavoidable noise impacts as fireworks can be prevented with specific audio CDs, where the dog slowly get used to the noise.