Rough (Longhair), Collies should show no nervousness or aggressiveness, and is good for children and other animals. However, they must be well socialized to prevent shyness. These are big dogs that are fit to live in small apartments because of their unflinching minds, since they are not strained as poodles, Labradors and other hunting breeds. Their herding instinct is very apparent in some dogs, while other dogs do not show it so much. Longhair (Rough), Collies are very loyal and protective of their owners. They are good family dogs. They are eager to learn and to please and respond best to a gentle hand. They enjoy human company and need some exercise. By nature they are mild, tame and fearless of danger, and will absolutely defend their owners. Because of several changing times in the popularity of the breed (especially Lassie period), there have been farmers with more interested in profits than the production of good dogs and have been bred Collies are high-strung and neurotic disturbed. These problems are not typical for a well-bred collie, and can usually be avoided by acquiring a collie from an ethical breeder.