Positive stress

The dog's body was originally built to handle stress. We often associate stress with something negative. Prolonged stress can be extremely harmful. Stress need not necessarily be associated with something negative if the right conditions are present. Short term stress can actually be postiv as long as stress occurs only in connection with threatening and dangerous situations, but then gives the body rest, mentally and physically and needs, as above written is covered. Stress puts the body on alert in difficult and dangerous situations. There excreted adrenaline and noradrenaline from the adrenal, and other stress hormones. At the same time increasing blood flow hustler in the muscles, enlargement of airways, enlargement of pupils, reduction of saliva production, reduction of digestive, emptying the bowel and bladder, mobilization of energy.

A happy and satisfied dog who gets his needs met can handle much more stress than a depressed depressed, insecure dog, where needs are not met. The latter may not tolerate stress.

Rapid exchange between high and low stress level has some optimal learning condition and can be really good at learning. Shepherds have the rule that ability for rapid exchange with enhanced ability to learn.

Learning processes are planned around the dog's threshold in the various functional constituencies, based on its needs and based on the positive motivational factors. It's pretty obvious that largely account for the exploitation of the low threshold values ​​(preferences), its needs and the use of positive motivations. In other words, it puts emphasis on the best talents dog in learning, using, for example. treats or using other means to satisfy other needs through motivation and action in the desired direction. Other means could be praise or positive contact to satisfy a need.

Collie low threshold values ​​are combined with its ability for rapid alternating stress management, turning them into what we call intelligent dogs and are in the top 10 list of the most intelligent dogs.