Functions and features.

which is most sensitive in dealing with the dog's pack features search functions, investigating functions and defense functions. One sees a diverse behavior in connection with performing a specific function and inverse performing various functions exhibited a particular behavior as instinctive to some extent related to the dog's threshold values.

  • Flock Function satisfy social acts by contact and cooperation. Characterized through play, the joy of togetherness and confidence in the community.
  • Hunting Feature seen in concerted actions that lead to the pursuit and capture or canine search with resultant catch.
  • Investigation Function is performed to keep track of its surroundings and satisfy the need for awareness of his surroundings.
  • Defence Function regulate defense against its surroundings.

Collies and other herding breeds, are typically strong in the flock functions with high social needs, and exhibits shall be taken interpersonal skills. In addition you will find clever collie to coordinate actions. Other functional groups exhibit herding dogs are not unusual preferences that are not available in a variety of other breeds.