as to need, necessity, or have required need be satisfied through motivation and action.

The dog's needs can be described as:

  • Physical needs such as food, drink and sleep.
  • Safety Requirements as hierarchy, security, stability and protection from discomfort such. anxiety and fear.
  • Social needs such as togetherness, acceptance, fellowship and love.
  • Performance Requirements recognizing, testing boundaries and acquire self-confidence.
  • Self-actualization needs as challenges, a happy dog, the willingness to learn and use his abilities.

Physically, safety and social needs can be classified as deficiency needs that arise when the organism is something missing and are usually the strongest. These defects act as a driver until demand is met also called homeostatic because it occurs when homeostasis / equilibrium is disturbed and disappears when homeostasis is restored. The dog is hungry or dog is full. Thus, learning more easily with a hungry dog ​​with greater needs than a satiated dog with a reduced need and driven almost disappears. Lack requirements can be satisfied, and in this way is in contrast to the two lower planes need not be filled. Performance and self-actualization needs are filled by growth needs and occurs only when the upper (physical, safety and social) needs are covered and therefore dimmed. Note that the needs are varied. All have physical needs as a livelihood. Not everyone eats and drinks equally. Collie has enhanced security and social needs, including to have strong instinctual pack features compared to the other functional constituencies. Thus also said that Collie low threshold values ​​are taken for cooperation and confidence by using positive motivation to strengthen its requirements, particularly sensitive to negative motivation resulting in strong damage effect.

A fun example is the example. our necklace wears around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve to meet a need for togetherness and community, stemming from instinctual pack functions. They know definitely not something for Christmas, but the prelude to this community, they feel motivated by an inner urge. When the crowd turns and dances in the other direction is the lightning to follow the other way. They are in a situation highly motivated to recover a need for togetherness and community.

Based on the identification of the dog's threshold values ​​by observing the behavior and function of circuits organized dog training, so that both dog and owner have a happy optimal effect. If you tried to force a child to write with his right hand, which actually manages to write with his left, willing it to be a very tough and heavy process that rarely gives happiness or satisfaction, but rather a curse to the coach and the child.