Abilities and Threshold values.

Dogs have different threshold values ​​and are generally typical of the breed, but also individual from dog to dog. A low threshold expresses the ease with which a dog has to perform a certain action (behavior). Race Typical behavior is caused by many years of dedicated breeding to achieve some specific skills. A collie was originally bred for the purpose of obtaining appropriate pastoral properties appear. A high threshold value indicates the dog is more difficult to perform a specific action (behavior), and thus more motivation. Thresholds are hereditary and can not be changed through training. It could also be expressed as the dog's ability to a specific behavior. The threshold value may be different in the same behavior in different functions. Conversely, the same behavior may be different in the same function. Collie has a number of areas some advantageous low threshold values, which further locates some racial typical threshold values ​​in the section.