Collie dog requires some care as other dogs do. Collie has no special requirements than normal for long-haired breed types. Rather, the collie less demanding than many other long-haired breeds, which sometimes have very high grooming needs. Besides felling periods throws dog not many hairs that are normally firmly attached to the body.

Coat: The Collie has a very long coat requires obviously care with brushing. A blower can be an excellent complement to brushing. However, it can not completely replace brushing. If the dog slowly got used to blow tion, it is very gentle method. Pay special attention to getting brushed before forming tangled clumps, especially behind the ears can form small tangled clumps which can be annoying dog if not removed in time. Here's blow, does not so useful, but should be brushed. Bitches traps more than dogs do. Shortly after maturity, traps females much and where grooming is particularly required. Besides trapping periods weekly care will usually be enough. If your fur gets bad and boring, it can be a sign that the dog has another problem and are not good. Reasons could be bad food, which does not satisfy the dog's needs. You give your dog quality food, it could be a sign of another illness. If the cause can not be readily diagnosed by their own means, you should have studied the dog to the vet, so the right treatment can be started as early as possible. Watch for skin that is continually a healthy and fresh. Please also note ticks and lice. Do not be alarmed if the dog one time scratching, but it must not be persistent itching. Start with the little puppy as early as possible even though the puppy may not need it, but make it soft and comfortable, so the dog gets used to it and feel it is nice to be petted with a brush. If you also use a blower, set it at lowest power. It is nice with a little fresh air and tempareret dog is not scared and afraid of it.

Nails: Clip nails as needed. The nails should not touch the floor. The dog must come with the pads and not with nails. Collie has often bright nails it's easy to see where the blood vessels going to. The black nails as Collie may well have some, you have to cut by eye. Cut up to approx. 1 mm of blood vessels. If an accident occurs, getting cut too deep so it bleeds, we can use a blood-stopping agent, available in most pet shops and seems quite effective. Few dog likes to get the clip nails, but with rapid habituation may be an accept experience.

Clipping: Collie has very little need for mowing. Cut the hair under the pads so the pads are free. One can usefully be cut around the feet, avoiding too much dirt gather. Just behind the ears may be long hairs which are not so nicely. Do not cut too much, but then the dog looks groomed out. Use any. files a scissors, so it looks natural. Normally there will be no further need, if you have followed grooming and have not formed larger clumps filter needed to take with scissors so as not to cause pain on the dog.

Ear and Eye: Ear is often bred in Collie dogs and do not often need to be renst. Inspect them, however, periodically, to ensure that they are clean. If your ears are dirty, use a dry cotton swab. Some Collie dogs can tend to get dirt in the eyes (sleeping eye). Be careful and arrow never inside the eye. One can possibly. use saline from the pharmacy to drip with eyes if necessary. If the eyes look red or inflamed addition, one must seek veterinarian. It is not normal but can happen to everyone.

Teeth: Brush your teeth at the dog as tartar and injuries avoided. Use a toothpaste without flora. Start from the dog is a puppy so it gets used to it. If you start later it can be hard to get used to the dog.

General: Care should be a good experience for both dog and owner. There must be 20 good experiences to offset a poor. This applies to both humans and dogs. Collie is very cooperative and certainly not difficult. Care in cooperation and security rather than coercion, then it will go better in the future.