Get this pedigree on your website easy to do.

You can easily integrate this pedigree system onto your website with functions to view/click parents, offsprings, siblings etc. Adjust background color, pedigree frame and height to be shown on your site. Width is ajusted to be 100% within your html tag element. If the pedigree is larger a scrollbar is shown vertical or/and horizontal. Before you press on "Copy to clipboard", Press the "Update link button" to assure the copied code is according to your expectation. You can ofcourse also use the keyboard Crtl + A and Crtl + C -> Go to your websites html code and insert by Crtl + V where your want the pedigree to be placed and save the page. Everything should then be shown correct on your page. If any questions don't hesitate to contact us. We'll gladly try to help you.

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Select pedigree frame Color:

Select the frame height:

Update color and height