Sable/white collie

Jemspark Maid Devon For Brilyn

Dob. 10.9.2000


(GBCH Samhaven Addiction x Salsina Golden Orchid At Brilyn)

Jemspark Holiday Romance10.9.2000
Jemspark Devonshire Tease For KrispelJemspark Devonshire Tease For Krispel

Same father
(GBCH Samhaven Addiction)

INTCH Samhaven Contradiction11.5.2000Samhaven Contradiction
Samhaven Serina at Carriswillow11.5.2000Samhaven Serina at Carriswillow
Samhaven Suncharm over Magenta11.5.2000Samhaven Suncharm over Magenta
Ch Samhaven Coral11.5.2000Samhaven Coral
Sandiacre Sacre Charlemagne6.9.2000Sandiacre Sacre Charlemagne
GBCH Sandiacre Schumaker6.9.2000Sandiacre Schumaker
Ch Sandiacre Sexclusive to Shasam6.9.2000Sandiacre Sexclusive to Shasam
GBCH Sandiacre Sacre Bleu30.9.1998Sandiacre Sacre Bleu
DKCH Sandiacre So Far So Good30.9.1998Sandiacre So Far So Good
Sandiacre Scarlet And Gold30.9.1998Sandiacre Scarlet And Gold
Sandiacre Sporty Spice30.9.1998Sandiacre Sporty Spice
Brilyn Dream Addict30.9.2002
Carristina Miz Celebration For Elshadene1.1.2000
Colausco Camouflage24.12.2001Colausco Camouflage
Hanvale Good Heavens at Barotoba23.6.2000

Sable/white collie

Hanvale Honeysuckle20.2.1999Hanvale Honeysuckle
Lyndi Jus' Maid it of Alwaycon15.5.2000
Rowlands Paddy McGinty at Wassair1.1.2013
Donohill Tia Maria1.1.2013
Durham Lolas Star1.1.2013
Heidelind's X Box Millionaire3.9.2012
Pamparix Fenella24.4.2012
Durham Duke of the Alps1.1.2011
Durham Ladys King1.1.2011
Thunderclap Midnight June25.5.2010

Tricolour collie

Wassail Dyna at Willowdene1.1.2010
Lyndi Headline News1.1.2002
Lyndi Going For Gold to Tiganlea15.5.2000

Sable/white collie

Pellismer Cover Girl at Rahlissa11.8.1999Pellismer Cover Girl at Rahlissa
Pellismer Angel Dreamer11.8.1999

Sable/white collie

Pellismer Angel Dreams11.8.1999

Sable/white collie

Samhaven Selected For Trenley11.5.2001Samhaven Selected For Trenley
INTCH Samhaven Addicted to Love11.5.2001Samhaven Addicted to Love
Samhaven Rising Star over Jumitra4.12.2000Samhaven Rising Star over Jumitra
Cotswoldway Ruby Tuesday atTroydon1.8.2000
Cotswoldway Crown Jewel1.8.2000
Carriswillow Amulet10.6.1999

Sable/white collie

Kynan Bluer Than Velvet15.4.2012

Blue Merle collie

Deanjan Dazzle Me29.1.2002
Yagane's Just A Proposal15.3.2000